Creative "time out"

A cycle of 9 workshops to boost your well being
Come and discover a workshop where you can develop your creativity and try out different techniques in a bespoke journal that you will make yourself and add to each session.
"Creative time out" is a cycle of 9 monthly workshops to schedule regular me-time and take care of your inner life. You will be encouraged to explore your feelings, thoughts and needs in your journal with guided step-by-step exercises based on positive psychology and creativity. Your journaling will be private, no need to show or talk about what you produce, unless you want to.

Each session will have a theme and the exercices will be based on creative writing, drawing and collage, with clear instructions and examples provided.

No artistic ability is necessary to participate in these workshops.
  • Cycle of 9 x 2h15 monthly workshops
  • The workshops are designed for individual work based on writing, spontaneous drawing and collage, guided step by step.
  • Catch-up information if you miss a session.
  • Available in English or French
worshop run by Cathy Jeffrey
At Wellfuz, Croissy
210€ pour le cycle (6 séances de 2h15) ou 40€ par séance
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Upon request
Contact Cathy if you are interested. A group can be set up to suit your needs.
Workshop location
Wellfuz - Centre de Bien-être holistique
Parc Claude Monet, 1 Rue Maurice Leblanc,
78290 Croissy
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150€ pour le cycle (6 séances de 2h) ou 30€ par séance
Next cycle
Upon request
A group can be set up to suit your needs
Workshop location
Remote by Zoom
Contact Cathy here