Activate your talents

Creative workshops to check-in with your internal team
If you have completed the "Create your Best Future" Course or the Aristote Programme
This workshop is for you!
You know your team of talent-characters® and you know what's best and unique about yourself.
To enable your talents to be fully expressed, it is essential to practice activities that recharge each Talent-character® and to take stock of the dynamics within your internal team.

Our workshops offer you regular "me-time" : each workshop offers creative introspective exercises to understand what is going on within and to find the necessary resources to stay on top.

No artistic ability is necessary to participate in these workshops.
  • 3-6 participants
  • 2h30 remote workshops in English
  • The workshops are designed for individual work based on writing, spontaneous drawing and collage, guided step by step.
  • Catch-up information if you miss a session.
The course is run by Cathy Jeffrey
225€ for the cycle of 9 workshops
Workshop location
Remote by Zoom
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