Develop your talents

Building on strengths

Positive psychology shows us that our strengths are our true allies, we can learn to recognise, strengthen and cultivate them.

During this training program :

  • Discover your strengths and integrate them so that they become real levers of motivation and fulfilment
  • Develop your personal resources and strengthen your self-confidence
  • Boost your vitality and recharge your batteries for the long term

Available formats

Contact us to organise a conference, a workshop or a tailor-made course, either face-to-face, remotely or at your own pace (e-learning capsules).

Our formats are flexible and we can create the format you need.


. 60 - 120 minutes
. Illimited number of participants
. Live or remote
Led by Latifa Gallo
Cette conférence a pour thème la psychologie positive, qui est l’étude scientifique du bien-être et du bonheur.

Au cours de cette conférence Latifa montre comment le fait de concentrer son attention sur les aspects de notre vie qui vont bien nous permet d’augmenter notre bien-être.

Elle propose des exercices et actions simples et concrets à appliquer au quotidien en ce sens.


- ½ day to 1 day per workshop according to your needs
- Up to 10 participants
. Live or remote
Workshop 1 - Connecting to your strengths
Discover your strengths thanks to positive psychology and use them to stimulate motivation and fulfilment.
Workshop 2 - Recharge your batteries sustainably
Understand the role of emotions and needs and develop your emotional intelligence so that they become positive indicators.


Vidéos didactiques
Access the Workshop programme in e-learning capsules, to learn at your own pace. The e-learning programme includes exclusive self-assessment and guided introspection exercises.


Audio training
Centering, breathing and visualisation exercises to sustain your energy.


Theory and exercices
A creative way to record the exercises.


Books, creative materials...