Boost your vitality through the seasons


From 21 March to the end of May, we propose to use the energy of Spring to offer energising workshops to your teams at the end of Winter.
Spring is in essence the season of renewal, start-up, projects and creativity.


• 60 - 120 minutes
. Illimited participants
. Live or remote
Led by Christine Duvieusart
In this Spring conference Christine explains how to eliminate the excess weight and fatigue accumulated during the winter to carry out a "spring cleaning" and start a year rich in creation and dynamism.

She gives tips on how to optimise your energy through diet and breathing, so that you can start projects more easily.

She also discusses natural ways to get out of the winter blues, to stimulate concentration, clarity of mind and imagination.

Christine proposes simple and practical actions to be applied on a daily basis to benefit from the energy of Spring


- ½ day to 1 day per workshop according to your needs
- Up to 10 participants
. Live or remote
3 Coaching-workshops, in person or remotely.
Workshop 1 - Winter exit assessment
Identification by each participant of:
- their needs
- their aspirations
- the activities and activities necessary for charging or recharging their internal "batteries"
by using the energy of Spring, favourable to renewal, projects, starting up and creativity.

Workshop 2 - Practical advice
(diet, breathing, physical exercises, essential oils...)
Tips to:
- boost your energy,
- promote concentration and analytical skills,
- prevent the drawbacks of winter and fatigue,
- cleanse the body and start the year in top form
Workshop 3 - Taking action
Impulse and organise the implementation of practical and personalised actions following the 2 previous workshops to take full advantage of the energy of spring.


Vidéos didactiques
Access the Workshop programme in e-learning capsules, to learn at your own pace. The e-learning programme includes exclusive self-assessment and guided introspection exercises.


Audio training
Meditation and breathing exercises for daily practice.


Theory and exercices
A workbook with theory and creative exercices.


Natural anti-stress and well-being products.
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